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A warm welcome to the Tech13 Ltd blog! We are an IT support and implementation company based in Cambridgeshire, England.

We understand, here at Tech13, that not everyone is confident when it comes to technology and in this digitally dependent age we don’t want anyone to get left behind.

Our team have many things in common, mainly IT, but it is our shared mentality that makes us work. As a company we believe that everyone is good at something and that shared knowledge is sometimes the best knowledge. By focusing on building our team this way we can make sure that our customers receive the best service from all angles. It is with this in mind that Tech13 was created and give us the passion when offering our services.

Tech13 was founded by its director, Harry Chew, in 2018 with the aim to make IT work for everyone.

Harry’s passion for IT started from a young age, building his first computer at the age of 11. ‘It was an amazing experience’ he says, ‘alongside the fear of breaking something in all honesty!’ Shortly after this he became quite wrapped up in the world of computer gaming. By combining his passion and hobby he was able to develop his knowledge further. ‘It drained a lot of my life-blood but then led onto learning how games work, learning about databases and how to program computer code.’

This led him onto his first full project. He decided to take on was the task of running a multiplayer game server for him and his friends to play on in their down-time. ’This quite quickly turned into most-of-the-time, but I learnt how to build a website which enabled players to sign up to join the game.’ From this he learnt how to manipulate databases to customise items and script-writing which meant additional content could be added.

Harry went on to get a BSc (Hons) in Computer Game and Animation Technology to further his knowledge, solidifying the progression of his passion and hobby.

The modern day is a little different but the company principles remain. Through learning and development anything can be achieved. In a world where everything is available at the touch of a button and flexi-time, working from home, shopping delivered to your door and 24hr services are the norm.

Tech13 offers a range of services in different fields by using IT as the space-time continuum for small businesses or residential users. Visit our website for more info!